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Personal Transformation

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Don't Give Up on Your Spiritual Path!


Your spiritual path will bring up many challenges. It is important to stay steady and keep going.

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30 Minute Beginner Ashtanga Yoga Practice

Kino Yoga

Start your yoga practice with a 30 day, 30 minute Ashtanga challenge.


Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Yogi Bhajan

One of the most powerful Kundalini yoga Kriyas.


Wisdom of Do Nothing


What remains when you drop everything and do nothing? Just be and see.

How to Make Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea is a powerful mixture of herbs and spices that is meant to reset and relax the nervous system, facilitate the digestive system and

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Share And Uplift Others

Share your gifts, talents, journey and uplifting actions with others to help inspire creativity and positive action in the world.

Discover Something New

See how people are taking action to create change, or find like minded people to help you with your project.

Learn And Grow

Learn from others who are on a similar journey. Learn valuable tools that you can use to be proactive about your personal growth.


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We are in the process of building out the entire BlueEthers mobile and web app. For now, enjoy our website and start exploring, sharing and connecting today!

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We use technology to connect like minded people who are dedicated to creating change in the world. BlueEthers is a community- what will your contribution BE?

Earn and Give

Earn points for your contributions towards making the world a better place, and give points to others. The BlueEthers community and social platform have one goal in mind, to transform the planet.

Bring Vision to Life

Share your thoughts, feelings and visions with a community that can help bring them to reality. Encourage action and lead by example- BE the change.